sales = unpredictable

Yup so ystd I went with my mum and sis to the market so that my mum could claim half of my salary from last month ... (*^﹏^*) TT - TT

Yup so while my mum went into the wet market area, my sis and I walked around the small stalls set up along the common walkway. Looking at the nail accessories out of curiosity, my hand was grabbed by the Auntie at the stall and started promoting the beads thing you put on your nails.

She did this:

In the end I didn't get the beads she was promoting 
I got the pen-like thing instead that was used to put the beads in place. 

I transformed my nails from there today 

Saw a cat on the air-conditioning machine too 
So cute ~ though it ignored us. -_-||