It's been a while!

Went out with Chloe and Wenxin today!
Wasn't sure if we were really meeting up at first lol
So for the first time I was late. Record of my life.


Yup so went with wx first  to JEM 's MOS Burger which was a this really secluded corner no one would expect lol.

She ordered some limited edition Jap Burger which was quite nice actually
The Ambience of MOS Burger with that awkward CNY lantern at the counter LOL
This Clam Chowder that I got made my wallet bleed. Though it's quite nice with pepper added...

When Chloe came finally and these 2 were discussing about manga that shldnt be touched by the innocent

Gifts from Chloe from Japan! The Strawberry flavoured banana is really nice!!

Walked around JEM exploring a bit after I went to get stuff from FairPrice that my mom and sis told me to get. Found a nice pillar! O. <

After that we went to explore Big Box!
Spent the most time in the furniture area lol~

Everything were pretty. AND Expensive. DUH they're furniture.

Oh well, nice to have caught up after a while!