A little reunion!

Met Malini at CCK today at 10am
Had coffee at Mcafe! She got a latte and got a last stamp to redeem a free coffee!
So I got a free drink - Caramel Frappe ~
Really nice!!! Though it most probably was super high in sugar.

She told me about an outing next month at sentosa
Maybe? Maybe not.
Let's see how lol.

Then we went into paper stone as the library only opens at 11
(I thought all libraries opened at 10am lol)

Paid for Mailini's grandma's reservation fee with my atm card as the ezlink card payment was unavailable then. I thought about how easily I was using my card now that freaks next out a little cuz who knows what will become of me in the future. A card slave??!?

Ok maybe I am a bit too paranoid. But seriously, who knows?

Left the library as I needed to pee 😍😅≧﹏≦

We went popular as she needed to help her mum get some glue for crafts.
I saw the rings for cardnotes and bought them for my sis.
Be grateful, kid. LOL.

Saw lots of crafts things was spazzing in Popular oops
But they were so pretty!!!!

Went to Jurong East after that to meet up with Alicia and 兔子
Had lunch first! Chicken rice was the only non overpriced meal so we got that haha!
It was the nicest chicken rice I ever had.
The ambience of the cookhouse was really nice!

Talked about cgs choir stuff and how we feel our juniors who are already sec 4s, are really still kids. Can't believe we're actually turning 19 this year ≧﹏≦
Ahhhhh 岁月不饶人啊~

Went down to TEMT® to get Alicia's working clothing hahaha! Had a really fun time getting Alicia to try on clothings hahahah!

Went back up to the 5th floor at the open space and tried the exhibition by the science centre.
Quite fun I guess.
Sat down and started to talk about our lives hahaha
Went back down to get Mac. Elizabeth got a vanilla cone (80¢) and I got a taro pie ($1.20)
Quite nice ~

Went down back up to the 5th floor to continue to 聊天。lol

Was really funny listening to one another's stories hahaha!
Hope we'll see each other soon!