Meow's bias list

Taking a secret break from "mugging"

So...Meowzs have biases too...
Let's sort them out then :D

AOA - Jimin/Choa
Apink - Eunji
B2st - Yoseob/Junhyung
CNblue - Minhyuk/Yonghwa
Exo - Chanyeol/Baekhyun
FTisland - Jaejin
F(x) - Victoria
Girlsgeneration - Taeyeon/Tifanny
Girlsday - Minah
Infinite - Woohyun/Dongwoo/Sunggyu
Shinee - Onew/Jonghyun
Sjunior - Ryeowook

for some other groups I do listen to some of their songs... But not into their fandom yet...
well now's definitely not the time!
why do I seem to have left some groups out?