A Potted Heart {2}

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Fate bringing us together…
Now, ever since the two “collisions”, it seems as if they meet each other in the school compound even more often these days, spotting each other while coming to school, meeting in the school cafeteria while getting food, even in the library when they were studying during the breaks between the classes. Was that all coincidence? They smiled awkwardly at each other during the first few meetings but slowly, it became a casual “Hi!~”
Walking along the corridor to his next class, making sure he went early, Yeol spots the girl reading, engrossed in the book. Her eyes was filled with intensity and her brows knitted together, biting the edge of her lips. Yeol couldn’t help but smile at the cuteness of her expression and walked past her without disturbing her, tucking the hand that wasn’t holding the lesson’s materials into his pocket. Did his heart just flutter?
Shiganneun eopso~ naegerodaga~ Rong was getting on to her lesson, humming a familiar tune which she has been replaying in her phone for ever since it came out, when she passes by a class that was going on, looking into the class out of curiosity. 
There he was, standing confident and tall, reading out a part from the literature text, the class silent as they sunk into the scene along with his deep voice, the scenario ever vivid in their minds as Yeol read. Rong smiled as his voice filled her ears, walking past happily.
After classes ended, while waiting for the clique to end their various activities they have committed to, Rong went to the rooftop garden of the school. Well, not exactly a garden, just a patch of field with some bushes and flowers and a few wooden table and benches at the sides. She stood at the edge of the garden, arms on the white railings that encircled the garden, feeling great as the afternoon sun rays rained down on her softly. It’s a lovely day and Rong was glad to have the garden all to herself.
"Hey!" a voice said from behind her. Rong turned around and saw Yeol smiling brightly at her, (which in her heart was brighter than the sun). "They(your friends) said that you might be here so… ermm. This is for you." Yeol said as blood rose to his cheeks, holding out a cute a little potted plant he had hid at his back.
"For… me?" Rong whispered to herself as she cupped the plant in her hands. "Thank you!~" She laughed a little happily, eyes affixed on the plant. Was it because of its cuteness? Or was it because of who gave it? Rong’s heart fluttered along with her skirt against the wind.
"Whew…" Yeol’s heart relaxed, looking at her beautiful smile under the sun. Since when did giving someone a gift become so challenging?
"But why…?" Rong looked questioningly and shyly at the boy, who was relieved that she liked it.
"I .. uh… well, I kinda like making these things and I thought I could give you one… yah." Yeol smiled nervously as he clasped his hands, (hitting himself inside for being such an uncool asshole).
"Oh~, it’s really pretty! Especially the pink ribbon you tied at the middle of the pot. Thank You~" Rong smiled gratefully, while her insides are literally jumping for joy. >///<
Sweat glistened down Yeol’s cheeks as he heard that. God knows how many hours and times I tried to tie that - - - - - - ribbon properly! “Glad you like it hehe…” he said, heaving a sigh.
After a few days, Rong was at her locker taking out the things for the next class as she found a piece of pink post it note taped on the door of her locker. “Meet me at the park beside our school today. 6pm.” The  note said, with a drawing of a potted plant at the bottom right corner. Guessing who it was, Rong blushes, biting her lips and clutching the notes with both hands excitedly, jumping a little after seeing that no one was around.
Rong had on a lovely pastel pink dress with a cream-colored hem paired with a white pumps with a bow on each side… She sat nervously on the bench, clutching the pink post it note, reading it over and over again to assure herself that it was real as her watch ticked to 6 o’clock.
Fiddling to tie the ribbon on another potted plant, Yeol finally is done and rushes off after a final quick check in the mirror.
Rong glances from left to right, swinging her legs. Just then, a glass-potted plant appeared from behind her, just like the one a few days before, this time, with a creamy-white ribbon. She turned around, flashing Yeol who appeared after his plant a big smile. “You’re late~” she pouted and laughed as he sat down beside her, happy that it was not all a fantasy.
"Sorry!" Yeol scratched his head, looking guilty, placing the plant on the bench between them as Rong pretended to be angry which didn’t last long before breaking out into a laugh at his guilt-stricken expression that she thought was just so cute~
"Haha~ It’s ok…" Rong picked up the little plant from the bench, admiring just how pretty and healthy the leaves were.
Yeol huffed, relieved that he didn’t screw things up. “Do you like it?” He asked, licking and biting his lips, nervous.
Rong nodded, noticing a folded post-it tucked between the ribbon and the glass. She unfolded it. “I don’t know why but you make me smile. You are really a nice girl. Can you be my girlfriend?” the note said.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Yeol said, looking into her eyes.
Rong opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Was she dreaming? Her eyes glistened as she read the last sentence again, and again and yet again.
She looked from the note to Yeol and back to the note, slowly lifting her head up, nodding slowly. She didn’t know how else to react. She smiled shyly at Yeol, her eyes sparkling.
Yeol, thankful and delighted, swallowing as he slowly wrapped his arms around Rong’s shoulders tightly. How sweet she smelled, he just noticed.
So, from then on, the pair did everything together, going to school together, eating together when they had the same breaks, studying together, and even baked a cake for their teachers together when it was teacher’s day, (despite the teasing from the clique as their target shifted from the maknae to her, they are too sweet together~).
[Scene goes to a scene in the school library where both of them were studying together across each other.]
Yeol looks up at the serious Rong, putting down his pencil. He flipped to a new page in his fulscap pad and with a marker, wrote “I ♡ U :)” tapping on her desk before turning it around. Rong looked up and smiled at her cheeky boyfriend as he formed a heart with his arms.
Rong took the pad and and wrote on the next page, back-to-back.
”I ♡ U too~” She wrote, smiling.
At this rate, they are not going to finish their homework…
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