[A STORY] - A Potted Heart {1}

Part 1: Dreaming Love

              Envy, Daydream, Falling in L♥ve

A letter with a ♥ arrives. It’s a letter for maknae! Everyone gathers around her and teases the little one, trying to peep into the suspiciously mushy-looking letter~
Rong was envious of the little sister. How blissful and good it must feel to know that someone loves you so much! She sighs and plops into the high chair, propping her head on the table. How would it feel like if she were to fall in love♥ too? >///< She thought, daydreaming, her cheeks pink with warmth.
Suddenly, a lovely bouquet of pink roses appeared in front of her. Surprised, she looks up and saw a very charming boy, looking down at her, smiling warmly.
Rong takes the bouquet in her hands and breathes in deeply. Now she knows why in all the MV they shot, the female lead breathes in deeply into the flowers when she just couldn’t smell anything. Flowers smelt different when it’s given by someone you like~
The two of them sat on a cream-colored double-seater swing, enjoying the cool breeze caressing their cheeks. Rong felt a strong arm wrap around her shoulders. Blushing, she leans on his shoulders and closes her eyes. What a feeling!~ 
[Scene zooms out to the girl daydreaming in class. The teacher came towards her and pops her dream bubble, knocking on her desk sternly.]
Rong wakes with a start, startled. Realising that she has been dreaming all along, she stood up and apologized embarrassed, returning to her textbook for the lesson. She looks out of the window and sighs, disappointed that it was all a dream…
The next day, Rong was walking out of the classroom with her clique when suddenly a guy appeared out of nowhere, crashing into her. Rong tried to mantain her balance but her heavy bag pack pulled her back, falling on the ground with a thump. Ouch!
"Oh my! Sorry!" the guy apologised, helping her up. 
"I’m ok," Rong brushed her skirt down, tucking her side fringe behind her ear.
"Yeol! Hurry up! We’re late!" Someone hollered down the corridor and the guy bowed his head apologising yet again and disappeared down the corridor.
The clique crowed around the surprised girl. “Rong, you’re ok right?” the leader, Ming, asked, placing her arms around the half-dazed girl.
"Oh. Yes, I am alright," Rong said, smoothing her ponytail and shot Ming a smile to assure that she was fine, well, except for the surprise.
"But did you all see him? He is so good-looking? Ohmy~ My Prince Charming~" Jin breathed, clasping her hands.
"Stop daydreaming, woman," laughed Ming, slapping the mesmerised girl’s cheeks lightly. "Let’s go," she continued and urged the group forward.
Rong’s mind was still running through what happened like a film on replay. She still couldn’t believe it. It was the guy that appeared in her dream. His name is Yeol, you say? She thought dreamily.
The next day, all thanks to her alarm clock who chose to break down just a few minutes before the alarm was supposed to ring, Rong looked anxiously at her watch as the seconds ticked by, her heart tightening as she ran towards her classroom. Oh no, I am going to be late!
Reaching just around the corner, Rong collides into someone again. This time, all her books scattered on the floor and luckily this time, she managed to step over them without tripping over.
"Sorry!" She breathed, exhausted, fingering to pick up her books and notes. The other party helps too. He handed her the books he picked and Rong looked up to thank him. As you might have already guessed, yup, it was Yeol.
"Thank you-! Oh…" Rong stopped as she recognised the beautiful face. "Thank you!" She said yet again, bowing her head before turning to run towards her classroom.
Oh my god~ She thought, as blood rushed to her cheeks as she got to her seat. Luckily, the teacher was late. Rong sat down and touched her cheeks, and her fast-beating heart, not knowing whether it was because of the run, or was it, something else~

To be continued…
Hope you've liked it ><