SLP-last day ART CAMP


In the morning...
bathed, went to school with my hair wet. On the bus, tried to read AOI. Suddenly realised I forgot to bring rubber band. SHIT. Reached ~5min late<(wth is wrong with me, starting to be late these few days...) tried to run. luckily not many were there yet. Borrowed pink/red rubber band from Narelle to tie up my hair(Thankyou Narelle!)

Setting up...
In the PAC, arranged tables so it looks cosy. Grabbed benches from the canteen on my own(I gained muscles lol.) Started folding origami. Francis came running over to ask how to fold the stupid plane. The instuctions were seriously unclear kay. Meddled with the stupid paper for a while, got pissed and tossed it to Jia Qi. LOL. And after a while she managed to almost complete the plane. I flattened it some more and it's finally done. dumped both the stupid plane and book at francis. (WHAT KIND OF STUPID INSTRUCTIONS IS THAT? Fold down and fold in the edges? what?)

Chloe : OMG!? It starts at 1pm?!?!
Me : *shrug (wth, I thought you planned this?)

Mr Foo : Have y'all eaten?
Me : You mean lunch? No I haven't
Mr Foo : Have to eat leh. You know today is not going end that early eh?
Me : #sadgirlwithhungrystomach (looks with pitiful eyes) how ah?(looks at watch)
Mr Foo : nvm, y'all stay here. I go buy. What y'all want to eat?
Me : Omg Thank you Mr Foo!!!
someone : Mc Donalds?
Me : Ohoh! Mc Chicken!! Paper anyone? write down!
LOL (thank you MR FOO! I'll pay you nxt week!)

folded some other stuff and lined the table with them.
MissWang : The food is here. Go to the canteen, don't eat here. you've got 5min to eat and come back.
(O.O.. :'( Misswang... can you twist the rule a bit for now :((( )
Stuffed fries into my and drank 1/2 of the sprite. (I am high on sprite~ ooohh~~)

Finally the person incharged of Very Special Arts(VSA) came. She is a french woman. didn't like her. dont think she liked us either(so what. I don't care)
Talked to us and told us about the background of the children coming.
blah... need 2 to go to the guard house to pick the children and parents
mag : Tell them to come to the PAC. Tell them to pay or they don't get anything.
me : (walao. sound like loan shark.)

Children are here!
Finally, the children arrived slowly one by one and Mag was sounding really angsty as she allocated the buddies. Paired me up with my kid. I was a little shy/awkward(so do first meetings...)
Magali : Quick. I don't have the time for you to be shy and everything. Take her and go.
WTH< I almost typed F.
Forget it.

Getting to know you...
Sat down with my kid, Vivian. I didn't know whether she feels awkward or didn't like me at first... she was looking everywhere but me. :( #unlikedsadgirl
Vivian draws on the fulscap her abstract form of a monster in a swimming pool which she them points out that it was Bryan. LOL haha. SOMEHOW, she noticed Xiulin at the table behind and kept turning around. Start to draw another person, Xiulin.
Vivan : That girl in orange specs very pretty.
Me : #heartdrops Oh. Ok :) eh Xiulin! she say you very pretty.
Then what about me? She prettier than me is it? #givessadface
Vivian : No lah. She very pretty. You also pretty.
Taught her to fold the frog... she played with the frog like any 10-year-old would,then she ran to xiulin and sat beside her to show xiulin the frog.
did some stuff there, we took out food for them but was scolded by mag.
kay I understand, there's time for work and for food.
Narelle had to leave halfway cuz of her injured fingers.
Vivian asked me why did Narelle injure herself.
Cuz she played ball and the ball hit her too hard...
Then you must tell her to be careful and dont injure herself.
oh, ok. sure
next target : Julian
Why Narelle injure her hand?
You must not let her injure herself kay?
(:D Ok)

After origami< quite failed somehow, we took the kids up to wash their hands (THE TOILET WAS DAMN DARK)
(vivian, I am sorry but I dont know how to turn them on and who can turn them on)

JiaQi's kid...
Joyceline< I think. has ADHD. couldnt control her at first and she was lying on the floor, refusing to get up. magali was so stern.. :(
Now I know why the kids don't like you.
When we were washing our hands, Joyceline played with the tap meant for the hose, getting both herself and the floor wet. JiaQi sounded like a mother, telling her not to play with the tap and go wash her hands turning off the tap everytime she ons it. I tried to help.
Me : holds the tap in the switched off state. No. Don't play with the tap. You are all wet already.
Joyceline finally decides to stop with the tap. and runs out of the toilet.
Me : Joyceline, don't run!
At the staircase to go back down, Joyceline suddenly grabbed my hand to hold hands. I was surprised and happy at the same time. lol (I was fierce to you just now wasnt I?)
Vivian saw it and she frowned a little (Spots it immediately)
Me : Come Vivian, hold my hand too, we go down together.
The minute I got Vivian's hand, Joyceline wanted to let go and run down the stairs, told her to slow down. surprisingly she listened to me :)

ok. this is getting long isnt it.

Cupcake deco...
Helped Vivan to squeez a "V" onto the cupcake. green Icing. and white icing around the rim. Choc and rainbow rice on top. Not proffessional but.. Beautiful.
The children had lots of fun in this section. After all, it was their most anticipated activity, isn't it?

BUT. I add a BIG BUT here.
Joyceline emptied the rest of the chocolate rice onto the plate and everywhere. OMG... >< Luckily, snack time came. I told someone to take care of vivian and ran to find a broom to clear the mess the kids made :/
ran to the canteen. spots cleaner uncle... *lightbulb lights up.
ran back to the PAC with the broom.
starts sweeping as the children ate.
Me : FRANCis! (I literally screamed when he stepped onto the choc. rice on the floor.)
Misswang : Francis, can you step aside for yongfong to sweep? and can you be a gentleman and help her?
Francis : goes away
Julian came, I was exhausted so I passed the broom to him for a while when he offered to help. (sweeps in an awkward position. typical guy.)
Snatches back the broom. nvm. I sweep.
offers to hold the dustpan.
nvm. I very hard to sweep like that.
then I continued sweeping.


T-shirt painting...
Vivian mixed white and pink and got her fav. colour-- PINK. (I secretly like pink too)
drew herself... Narelle, Winnie, Xiulin and me :) so sweet.

Ravin's kid is little Joshua. He is so cute. lol. drawing his "wei wei korhkorh" on the shirt and writing "I love ravin" soo sweet... Ravin let Vivian draw a dot on his face lol. and Joshua somehow chocked. fed him his water and he got blue paint on my hand lol. XD.. Julian say he did it on purpose lol. nvm lah. I spreaded the lump of paint into a heart shape. and then Joshua wanted to draw on my hand. Ok no prob. go on. He wrote "love" on my arm XD so cute! after that we put the shirts aside to dry... :)
Ravin asked Joshua if I looked like Pikachu, he looked at me for a while and said no. YAY another one onmy side!

After painting...
took Vivian around the school compound hand-in-hand. ahh~ feels so good.
sorry Vivian if I lied to you about anywhere that we are not supposed to go. :(
Vivian : Spots our Patrick house leader, Aaron. What that khorkhor doing here.
Me : (how would I know? erm..) Er. Khorkhor have lessons so he need to come for lessons(made that up on the spot) :/ let's go back :)

Keshvin and his princess who is the closest to god.
HAHA! this was the funniest and one of the sweetest ever lol. I swear they were as if they knew each other forever. like a daddy running after and playing with his daughter. XD though I didn't see it but there was a photo of her standing in front of the statue of Mother Mary for 20 min, doing some actions as if she was communication with Her. It sounded so cute. Keshvin had to carry her backto get her back into the PAC lol. The scary part was this. As she stood in front of Mother Mary, she suddenly shouted "M!" O.o

Vivian dragged Xiulin somewhere so I had to accompany Xiulin's kid< erm not really, for a while, Ming. She is much taller than me so... yah. #the shortie is intimidated by the tall one. lol ;D. She didn't want to go for a walk so she sat. and suddenly stood up. I followed her. Suddenly, she threw her arms around me and pulled herself closer. #freakedoutandsuprisedgirl don't know how to react. put my arms around her too, pat her. We pulled each other. and double hi-five x?? lol. XD

After Ming left. without a hug :( I went back to find Vivian, spotting her shredding newspaper. I joined in. throws confetti up yay~~
Julian comes with a broom
Vivian : still can play one..
J :(oh ok I get it, one person's rubbish is another person's treasure) lol?!

Viv. loved Winnie's Minnie Hat.

After reflections circle time...
(not really worth writing yeah.)

End. of art camp
everyone went to the basket ball court, including Mr Foo.
Left with JQ carrying Malini and XL's bags.
JQ : where are they? (start calling)
Me : maybe they're at the piano. (hears the piano upstairs)
JQ : (go toilet)
Me : runs upstairs. IWASRIGHT. XD

we sat for a while, and decided to go to the grandstand watch our class.
I wanted to watch them so badly
so, we went, and julian dragged me and malini by the wrist to play with the class and next, JQ. lol.

basket ball.. group confusion.
IDK the situation.
Che Yeung : Someone need to come here. Aiya Yongfong come here.
ok lol. I don't know how to play basketball.

so I was just floatin around.

played frisbee with malini and switched to scoring goals in the basket.

keshvin scared malini with the insect and the bottle cap.

Played with the roller with Siewmay, pushing the rainwater into the drain. So heavy.. but it's fun~

XL,JQ,malini and I went for dinner at longjohns. except, only JQ ordered, malini and XL ordered from burger king and I ate my mcchicken from the afternoon.
lol 3 VS 1 and we are sitting at longjohns. LOL

malini thought clementi was red lne.. lol.