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suddenly feel like saving this

Lim Yong Fong
hey tu zi! now I am the one to want to talk to you hehe... how's your prep for your wonderful O's? jia you bah!
oh... have you done your testimonial thingy alr? cuz I have to do it soon but I need a friend to help me write a tini paragraph hehe... can you help?
if cannot then I shall sadly write my own and say it's written by my mom.... ...
nvm! JIA YOU bah!
P.s. btw, just to let you know. I PASSED MY AMATH!!!!! yay! must thank you XD

10 minutes agoElizabeth Teo Mei Qin

Haha studying like siao @.@ and now i occasionaly break out into chinese while speaking english T-T its a horrible experience i tell you!nope i havent done it yet!!ohhh OKOK!!! i would!! LOL! haha OH MY!!! THATS GOOD NEWS!!! haha i didn't help much~ BUT GOOD JOB!!!! *PATS SHOULDER VERY HARD* LOL!!hahaha i only taught you for less than 1 hour!! haha :)) Its alll your credit ;D GOOD JOB!

8 minutes agoElizabeth Teo Mei Qin

i will type you the paragraph after o's ok ;DD Will try to call you in between my rounds of chinese during the weekends T-T hehe can't wait to talk to you too! Got some stuff i quite worried about and just want to get it off my chest. hehe ;)Trying not to worry about all these stuff now though! need to focus on chinese T_T