20 Jan 2012

hehe... I am back home from SOTA~ the concert of the raffles singers and ... some college people from the U.S.A. It was a nice and meaning ful concert. They sang Diu Diu Dang A !!! haha~ only 1 most familiar song :)

Had dinner at KFC with Emily, Elizabeth, Alicia, Chi Sin, Yong Qing, Brenda, Linn, Rachel, Divya, and somone else... did I forget someone? If I did, I am really sorry... *sorry..
When we were halfway through, YQ's tray flipped, and we SCREAMED. In KFC. O.O.. LOL, it was so~ (speechless)

Went into *Smiggle and took quite a lot of photos
Story time!
CS: Yong Fong, this looks like you... laughs*
Me: What? *curious
Cs: The monkey.
Me: Huh? Where got?
Cs: *points to a blue thing
me: *looks closer... *speechless
(the point is, she is not pointing to a monkey. IT'S A PANDA my dear!)
(The one in the middle)

So, told this to the others and after a while, Emily holds a green sheep-shaped thing and ask ChiSin, "What do you think is this?" and CS replied "Don't tell me it's a COW"

So... after the concert, we went out of the chaotic crowd. We decided to take a last section photo for the day halfway through waiting for the traffic light. So, we took the photo. and we MISSED the green man.... So, we decided to take another one, and then some group of people(older than us I guess) asked yong qing to help them take photo. So YQ kindly took their camera. And guess what? THE GREEN MAN... CS was Like "lets go, don't wait for her alr."(JOKING) and guess what? OUR dear CS is so credible that the others actually believed and crossed. Leaving me, YQ, CS, Linn on the other side of the road. :( !!! 什么意思!?

So, after that, we went on separate ways... I looked at my reflction on the train doors... "Hmph... this hairstyle fits me well, *takes note..." (*Obsession of self-image)
haha... Now alr 21 jan as I'm typing this...

OK! ENDING OFF, I promise I'll put up all the pics on fb soon kays! :)