O.o die

died today... typing this in hell...
FAILED Amaths... 36... lowest score in my whole life.
my WHOLE life...
forget it. The fact is just:
I am too stupid, My brain isn't made for maths
Just that.

Walked to the mrt with Emily, Germaine and ChiSin
me and chisin were infront with Germaine and Em. behind
Emily was like sighing and talking about
how amaths was OK<<< OK MY FOOT. 36 IS NOT OK for me...
but who cares... emily is a clever person. NOT LIKE ME.
Then I heard someone panting.
I can swear to god that it sounded really like emily..
BTW, ChiSin thought so too...
We both turned around only to see a man and a woman
jogging. Guess what? The panting sound came from the man.

O.o... I was like... "OMG.. 那声音超娘的。。。"
Emily felt so insulted when we Chisin told her that
the panting was mistaken to be hers. HAHA!!

Sorry lah... who ask you to pant all the way???


last day...