Finally, someone worser than 黑肥山猪 The first impression he gave me is quite ok.... UNTIL, he started talking... OMG.... I can't help but writing these in my handbook: 罗嗦的人,烦死了。Can he just Shut up? 我听不下去了!!!!!!!!!!!! 我受不了了啦!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG... ... Now I really want Ms M. Sim and Ms Shakina for English and E Maths...

That Man... Seriously. Got a BIG Problem. He say if he want to say smthing, he will raise his hand, wants our attention, ring his dear little bell. OMG... Think I'm gonna fail English and Emaths if he continues teaching us. And guess what?????? He wants us to create a BLOG for EMaths... write our reflection for maths after every lesson. Reflection for Maths? Yes. You are neither bad in reading or colour blind. HE wants us to create a blog for reflection for maths. O.o




Something happened today.

Choir screwed up. How great.

What a WONDERFUL way to start a new year.


P.s. Thanks Zhuomin for the Ferrero Roche. Can't bear to eat it.. haha!



Freak... Can say it is the worst day of my life... Ha. The worst day of my life on the first day of school. The first time I feel devastated... :P Remember the 黑肥山猪 I mentioned a few posts B4? Guess what? 我还可真和他很有缘哦。He is my Co-form teacher... Vomit blood... My dear form teacher is on her dear maternity leave. (Two more months B4 I see her):P But luckily(somehow) 黑肥山猪 is overseas and will be back maybe nextweek? or maybe nextnext week? dunno.. I wish he never comes back, maybe, plane crash? dunno. someone suggested that to me. I really wonder why did MOE accept him as a teacher... If he could teach, I would be a professor man... 真地会把我气到吐血。。。

Next... A.maths... my dear teacher goes on saying about what polynomia blablablah.... One thing that came to my mind... What is the use of A.maths? It just makes 数学白痴 like me go crazy... I won't mind if there was A.Science... but there isn't, right?


希望 campfire night 的 performance 不要 screw up 就好了。。。 我们好烂 哦。。。
好了不说了要睡了。 晚安:)


A Brand New Year A Brand New Story!!

WooPeeee! Its 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw Fireworks near my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

时间过得好快。。。 2010 年的第一天就好像是昨天的事。好像做了一场很长的梦哦。。