Aunt's wedding dinner~

Wow... I didn't realise I could eat so much until yesterday...

Poof... Went for my aunt's wedding buffet yesterday... Summarising WHAT I ate...

ALOT of fried food, 1 chicken satay, 3 servings of ice-cream, Mango pudding, Apple jelly, A cup of Milo, A cup of F&n Grape, 手卷寿司,another 2 sushi, 3 deep fried buns coated with melted chocolate, a piece of chocolate cake very small, about 3cm by 3cm.

The 手卷寿司 gave my sis and I alot of trouble. First thing I did: Looked inside, Shocked that there was a piece of raw salmon, Pulled it out, threw it into my mum's buffet plate. Then came the hardest part. the seaweed was wraped in plastic and the rice was wrapped with the plastic, WITH THE SEAWEED INSIDE! o.O。。。妹妹受不了了,先用冰淇凌的汤匙把里面的饭吃了,再把紫菜从纸带里面拉出来,然后再慢慢把它给吃了。。。
hehe~ for more pictures, go my profile in facebook!
Souvenir : Toilet paper... It's automatic leh!! you put ur hand at the sensor, the toilet paper comes out. haha!


qi si le the stupid town council came up with a stupid idea. They claim to want to repair and redecorate our blk... the 3 colour schemes... ... suck.
I mean, whats wrong with the colour of our blk?? Dark red, beige and white! What a nice combo! Now?? The three choices?? Ew..

first choice. light brown. red and white.
second choice. dark orange, pale orange and white.
third choice. yellow, white and orange.



Saw kites with lights yesterday outside my window... alot leh!....

Here are some pictures of them. you can't really see the shape of the kite so they just look like dyed stars in the sky haha..