Happy Birthday to MEeee!

LOL!! I am turning 14 soon!! At 6.45pm!!! haha! My mum said that I came out from her tummy just in time for dinner! lol... Came back from recess today with Lydia telling me the story of Candy. So touching and just then, I saw the board. Omg... It says "YONG FONG IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY?" O.o Shocked... Told Claire to erase it but I doubt she heard it cuz it's still there now. THANKU to those whose wished me happy birthday! The first one to wish me a happy B-day -------------Emily! Shocking right? I BET my family members forgot my b-day.. T^T NVM!! THNX PEOPLE! Oh.. Happy B-day to Audrey too!

Thanks Melanie for giving me the sweet... thanks for the chocolate (not very sure who bought it but nicole gave it to me.) Isn't it heart warming?