YAYAY!! Just finished watching Barbie in the mermaid's tail... so cool~~ just wished it could happen to me~ LOL. LOVE the song... makes me want to dance!


Farewell... sayonara...

ALOT happened today... Well, many of us seemed to have lost our voice over night. According to Pei Pei, we sounded constipated when singing PARUPARONG BUKID.

Before the performance, Mdm Stella Ng was doing a spot-check on our attire. She COMMENTED that Pearlyn's hair is VERY untidy.(It looked fine to me...) So, Pearlyn clipped her hair behind he ears up and it went down. That reapeated for dunno how many times until, Mdm Ng saw another clip on Pearlyn's head. She then told pearlyn to clip it to the top of her head. Although it stopped coming down, it made Pearlyn NOT Pearlyn <- LOL... So, when Mdm Ng turned away, Pearlyn put her hair back to its original positon. When Mdm Ng came back AGAIN..., Pearlyn claimed that it went back to its original position (which meant that it dropped down again, (which was untrue)) LOL. So, she clipped up her hair again back to the top of her head and I bet you can guess what happened next. Yes, she put her hair back down again when Mdm Ng wasn't looking. With all the ups and downs, Pearlyn's hair looked even UNTIDY... It was a minute more before our performance and I lent Pearlyn my comb to comb her hair neatly as it was before, all the strands that could not be tied to the back of the ears. Mdm Ng dissapeared so no one to nag at Pearlyn's HAIR.. LOL~

After the performance, Valetta stuffed a leftover cake into my hands and Mr Tan said, "Eat more to grow more"... LOL... so untrue...

Yvonne baked a cake filled with love and blessings for the sec 4s... "We'll miss you." was written in blue cream on it... So heartwarming right?? Took section pictures and Pearlyn and Anna cut the cake UNPROPORTIONATELY but it brought us laughter. so who cares? ^-^

Thanku(s) to all Sec 4 choir members especially the ones in ALTO 2.

Oh, and Pearlyn, I will "报答" your "comfortable massage" SOMEDAY....

I KNOW. Iwill....


The wind is seriously blowing as if there's no tomorrow... but, I LOVE IT!

Had HomeEc practical exam today... Fantastic! Here's a picture if it. It is not very nice now as it went through a hard life with me in the rain.

To those who asked me for it, I am sorry that I am unable to give it to you. lol. thank you Su Ann for your compliment. And everyone else who thought that my tart is nice... ^-^ hehe..


out of boredorm..

during pbl, I was so bored that I actually wrote some poems.

I want to cry.
I want to shout.
I want to try,
To stay awake,
For the rest of the day,
For I have to stay,
For my CCA.

It is hard not to cry.
It is hard for me to try.
It is all I can say,
To describe my feelings today.

To be overwhelmed by sadness,
Is a hard thing to to overcome.
So I tell myself again,
to cheer up for today.

I am nit tortured by homework.
I am not tortured by stress.
I am tortured by boredom
who enveloped myself today.

OKie..~ that's all...


white glue? Plastic?

Guess what this is...
LOL... Gave the answer...

cry... such a common word...

Daddy called just now, he realised that my birthday was yesterday... Apologised tome on the phone and said that he will do a "make up" birthdat for me. I cried again. And I still am...


I told myself I won't cry.
I told myself it's OK.
I told myself to cheer up.

It didn't work.

I still cried. I don't think it is OK. I feel... SAD...

Can anyone imagine that it's your birthday and ALL your friend wish you a happy birthday BUT, your parents don't?? As I said in the previous post, Emily was the first to wish me happy birthday. I BETted in the last post and I won. My parents did not even tell me "happy birthday"... I guess they forgot... After celebrating birthday for 13 happy years, not celebrating for this year is just Sad... that's all I can say..


Happy Birthday to MEeee!

LOL!! I am turning 14 soon!! At 6.45pm!!! haha! My mum said that I came out from her tummy just in time for dinner! lol... Came back from recess today with Lydia telling me the story of Candy. So touching and just then, I saw the board. Omg... It says "YONG FONG IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY?" O.o Shocked... Told Claire to erase it but I doubt she heard it cuz it's still there now. THANKU to those whose wished me happy birthday! The first one to wish me a happy B-day -------------Emily! Shocking right? I BET my family members forgot my b-day.. T^T NVM!! THNX PEOPLE! Oh.. Happy B-day to Audrey too!

Thanks Melanie for giving me the sweet... thanks for the chocolate (not very sure who bought it but nicole gave it to me.) Isn't it heart warming?



Sports carnival

Only a short post. One sentence.

CURIE IS 2nd!! yay.

done... -.-''