You can say it's embarassing..

Hmmm... Choir went boringly today.
Haiz...Went though the Joiku and Paruparong Bukid for dunno how many times but there WAS improvement! YAY!

Chi Sin needed the toilet so she handed me her TPC then me and Angelina waited for her at the foyer. Waited for like 5 mins then she appeared. Finally, she appeared, with her skirt wet. I said, "哇!你去一个厕所弄到好向去淋雨一样leh。有没搞错啊?" and handed her her TPC. Then I heard my name called by someone. So looked up and saw Juniper staring straight at me. I was like, OMG, did I do something wrong? Have I offended her in some way or other? I seriously freaked out. Then she said my Chinese very good. I was totally puzzled. HUH?? Then she started speaking Chinese. “你的华文讲得很标准leh”. That puzzled me even more so I just erm.. and smiled like an idiot. Without realising Chi Sin and Angelina sniggering. >.< ARGH..

THEN, Juniper dunno for what reason called Mei Jun here. "Mei Jun you come here and listen to her." OMG... Mei Jun came and then Juniper told me to say anything in Chinese in reply to her question. She asked, "你觉得今天的天气怎样?" Inside me, I was like -.-'' "It's raining?". I tried backing off and Chi sin helped to try pulling me off but Juniper put her hand on my shoulder and said, "I am not lettiing you leave before you say anything." So I just ermm... and mouthed "为什么" Then she told me to say "为什么"。O.o... So, I mumbled "为什么" softly. Then Juniper was like exclaiming to Mei Jun, "Did you here that? Her 为什么 so ..." Mei Jun said, "I also never hear anything.. " and turned to me and asked, "you not from China right? you are local right?" I nodded and she went off to her friend. I was like "heng ah.." Poof. What made her think that I am from China??!!

SO, Juniper asked me "you take higher chinese right?" I nodded and heaved a sigh of relief when she turned away. I scooted off with Chi Sin and Angelina quickly.

I guess that's all for today. BB!