Is it me or is it her?

Today is a VERY tiring day... VERY TIRED!... The FITT workout was tiring enough but I had NAFA pre-test after that!!! O.o haiz... went out of school to run at the field. WENT 5 rounds!!!

Ran with Lydia but the distance between us started to increase after the 3rd round... haiz... I was totally breatheless. Finally, it was the last round. Yay! This is the scenario...

The BIG RED cross is the stopping point. The blue cross beside is Lydia. The 2 brown crosses are abbigail and Wubin the pink one is ME!

So, lydia reached the end, followed by some people. Abbigail and Wubin started running so, I ran too. I was only a 2-4 steps behind Wubin. If I wasn't wrong, my time was 17.20+ so, I reported my time to Shyan. When Shyan called Wubin here. Wubin said that she forgot hers. So Shyan went on to ask the others first. Then she went to ask Wubin again. I was quite far from them so I did not hear anything but when I saw the list. Wubin scored 17.15!!! So I was complaining to Lydia about it and she told me that she reached at 17.14. SO, THAT MEANS THAT, Wubin's score is definitely wrong!! SO, since this is only a pretest, I shall not say it anymore... 算了。。。

BB! P.s. I just realised I did not hand in my zuo wen corrections... -.-''