hello people, back from the Lit. IC talk.
how was it? 2 words, "terribly boring"...

haiz.... Lydia wanted to take 111 and I couldn't take buses cuz my card will not allow me to pass with $2+. So, I had to walk. We than said goodbye.

While walking, I saw anqi. Due to dunno wat reason, she turned around and saw... Me ! tada!~ LOL.

she was stuffing her mouth with chicken flavored twisties. I don't want to say this but yah. She eats A LOT. That's why I am impressed! She eats & eats, hardly gaining any weight, while me on the other hand, have to think twice before putting whatever food inside my mouth. sad... 得认命啊!

so we walked towards the MRT station and then, anqi decided to take the lift so we went on seperate ways. sad...

Upon reaching the Commonwealth station, Guess who I saw? yepps. LYDIA! Leaning on the wall with her pink file in front at her favorite corner of the station. haha. she wasted 45cents on the bus fare cuz her point of boarding the bus was to reach home early. :P She could have walked instead.

so here I am am the weekends is here too. I hereby wish everyone have a exciting weekend! (remember the hmwk too!)