haha. i undersTAND that it is very late to post abt christmas so I don't want to drag this post anymore. 1 word. FANTASTIC!

my sister and i performed magic for my parents and got them puzzled. haha. I decorated the room and MADE a "christmas tree" haha(with pandan leaves) so creative right? haha!

lastly, I want to congratulate my self for finishing the HOME WORK!!! YAYss


THE SYC Concert...

haha. finally a post after donno how many days.
Yah the concert was fabulous though I don't understand what they were singing. :P

This is what happened...

Arrived at JE mrt station. (5.53pm)
Got out of the train and waited for Chi Sin.

5.58pm. train from Marina Bay arrives.
No sign of Chi Sin. Nvm

6pm.train from Marina Bay arrives.
Still no sign of Chi Sin.
So naturally I began to pacnic.
The usual question came popp'in in my mind.

6.04pm. train from Marina Bay arrives.
Still not seen.
"Ok, if 6.15pm she haven't come, I'll have to say Sayonara!"

6.08. train from Marina Bay arrives.
FINALLY!! Chi sin was the last one to be out but still I was relieved to see her. HAHA.

we went all the way to City Hall and looked at the map on how to go to the Esplanade.
We went through the City mall with ESCALATORS <-- I don't think they were necessary. We went through the passage way with models made out of pages from storybook. Very creativr eh? Such a pity I don't have the pictures. haiz. Oh, there were gummy bears also! haha. Isn't it amaszing that they could be kept for so long without getting mouldy? :P I would really hate to see mouldy gummies. HAHA. :D So we arrived at the so called by me the waiting area of the esplande and saw Cheryl! Yay! we went out in open and took some pictures...

NICE RIGHT!! this's the outside
the one on the left looks a little lopsided right?

This's the inside("waiting area")

Yah. the "half rotten" durian. :P haha

nice and natural right? the reflection of the esplanade

in the water. ^^

I can say that its the nicest.
You can see the reflection of the clouds in the
water right?? So CoOl!!

HAHA. Cheryl tried to take a photo from the

inside but ended up taking a blurry picture

of my hand and ticket. Sorry but ... yah :P

I can say that it is an "expensive" photo.
ouchy, my poor toe. but nvm. the photo is taken!
the rest of the story I can decribe them in 3 words.
OUch. (my stomach and toe)

~The End of my story. ^^~



Hey Choir

Please do not forget everything you learnt this afternoon.
Starting next practice, I don't wish to see anyone needing to rely on the score anymore. We were supposed to memorise the songs since last Tuesday.
I know some of you need to refer to the score to get the dynamics right. However, I think we should not be relying on the score now - it's 11 days to our performance.
The only reason to bring your scores now is to refer to it when the conductor asks us to start from a certain bar.

We will be having longer and more frequent practices next week to build up the momentum for our performance. They will start at 9 and end at 5. More details will be given out on Thursday.

Our senior, Laura came to take a look at our choir practice today and helped us a lot. So, please do not let her efforts go to waste. We really need to buck up - our standard is still kinda shaky, considering how near we are to our performance date. At least, put in your 110% effort into singing so that you will be able to give a great performance.

Most most most most most importantly, do not forget all that you've learnt today. It would be pointless to have our practices wasted on techniques then. Remember to sing with your cheekbones lifted too. Many of you still don't do that. And anchor your voices, which you will need to take in deep breath to do so! That'll prevent you from going sharp.

Let's work harder together! =)

Hugs from Mei Jun



SIAO LEH... OK nvm.... T^T

continue... ... ...

To add on to my previous email to you guys,

Please keep your Friday open as we will be having an additional practice on that day too.

Please also be punctual for the rest of the practices.
Anyone who isn't going for the practices must inform their section (A1 tell April, A2 tell Winny, S2 tell Valetta, S1 tell Rui Ting)
The attendance for each practice will be reported directly to our dearest Juniper who will keep track of it.
In order to work harder, we should put choir first - at least make it that way for these two weeks. So, please do not miss any of the practices.

Do note that next week will be full of intensive practices in preparation to our performance.

Eleven days!

haiz... T^T mama...