Choir today...

For some reasons, choir was held in the band room instead of th seminar room.

Don't know and don't want to know why.

After the warm ups lead by april and grace, after some kind of reminder from Mrs lim, splitted up for sectionals. Don't know the reasons but the sectionals for A2s was held in the 4C2 classroom. hiaz... don't feel righ singing in classrooms... went through "Why we sing", "Salve Regina" "大海啊故乡" with the help of Evangeline of course. Really... I reall don't know what will become of choir next year when the sec 3s are gone. Choir will most probably become a hopeless bunch of people. I really fear what will become of us. Nevertheless, I shall still have trust in the Sec 2s. Ganbatte!! 要加油哦!

Sigh... Elizabeth went for her science camp today. Nobody to play and complain to. Haiz... Nevermind, I shall still cheer up and SING! OKIE. back to the sectionals.... ....

Somehow Winny and Grace stopped for a moment(dunno what for) and either Anna or Pearlyn started "Joy to the word lalala..." and then the sec 3 were happily singing christmas songs. All except Zhuo Min. Dunno where she went. Quite fun cuz Pearlyn changed some of the lyrics. That really livened up the atmosphere. I clapped but stopped when I realised that I was the only one clapping. O.o haha.

Then Pearlyn said she was thirsy. Kind-hearted Cheryl offered her her bottle. Pearlyn drank. Emily then pointed to me that there were some huge bottles filled to the brim. I guess it was for either the NCCs or NPCCs. She then told Pearlyn that there were bottles over there and she could easily quench her thirst. Pearlyn gave her an annoyed look. ^^ its always her who liven up the place. THnx A lot PEARLYN.^-^

okie. I know I wrote alot. Now time for 阿 joke. (If you don't understand, don't stare at it)


HAHA. Funny right? Aha maybe I can post jokes on my blog! Thats the perfect thing to do isn't it? BYE BYE See u soon!