Salve Regina.

I know. U don't get the title right?
It is a song of dunno how many
years ago. -.-''

It is said to mean...
oooops. I forgot.

It was..............
Mother of ....
Mother of ....
Mother of ....

Aiya! Forget it!

Well, I don't really like that song but
I really realy hope that I would
so I can sing it well enough.
How can you sing a song well when
you don't understand it and don't
like it???

The seniors "performed" for us yesterday.
It was damn funny lorh.

Juniper told us that we could see them in
their facebook's "videos of _____"
Which I doubt so.
They had deleted them, except for the
photos. haiz... ...


I shall try harder by adding more
choir seniors. Muhahahaha~~