Firstly, I will say a BIG sorry to those who are my loyal visitor,
(Which I doubt there's any at all -.-'')
as I did not post for quite a long time...

Today, nothing fun happened so I shall post about yesterday.


SO... the story went like this...

The hot firery afternoon sun was murdering me.
I was walking towards the MRT station after school.
When I reached the platform, I walked toward the front part of
the as there will be more space for me to breathe.

As I waited for the train,
I looked towards the escalator hoping see Melanie
but saw Ye Wen instead.
We talked abt smth on the MRT but I don't rmbr what was it.
Then at Clementi MRT station, WE SAW ZHI RUI & HING YI!
WE WERE THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we talked abt our school's life and CCA.
When I told them (zhi rui & hing yi) my CCA was Choir,
Zhi Rui said, "You can SING arh!"
while Hing Yi was a little surprised.
I told Hing Yi, I no longer can be part of Chinese Orchestra
as Crescent Girls' don't have C.O.
-.- saddd...

so we continued chatting but I forgot what.
Ye Wen got off at Chinese Garden.
so I was left with Zhi Rui and Hing Yi.
Zhi Rui asked me if I still slapped people like I did to the boys
in my primary school.
hahas. Most of the people very guai so I did not "whip" them.
Well, except when I really smacked people when they really
gets me erupting like a volcano.

so. my turn to alight the MRT.
said goodbye and went towards the escalator.

As I was about to step onto the escalator, I saw ...
JIA LIN! I waved at her and started dashing for the escalator.
I waited for her at the end of the escalotor but saw another
two more people! Audrey and Medha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was on cloud nine! Whoopeee!

We were so happy to see one another that Jialin suggested that
we took a picture together (at the MRT station)
I really hope to see ALL of them AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for me peeps! (*wink~)