Choir was fun today.
We had to bring our thermometer today but I
didn't. So did Elizabeth & Xin Yuan.
So Mr Tan told us to go to the G.O. to take our

ARGGH!~ Had to pay 20 cents for the plastic thing.
Elizabeth walked too fast on the way there so I ended
up chasing after her. 气喘如牛~

So I ended up having a temperature of 37.2
degree celcius. >-<" !!! @#%#$&*#
Xin Yuan & I don't have the exact change so...

Elizabeth gave me her 4 5cents and I gave my
50cents + Eliz.'s 10cents to the lady and then
kept the 10cents of Elizabeth. SO, ....
Xin Yuan returned me a 10cents that she had.
so she still owe me a 10cents...

Too little people came so Mr Tan called Mrs Lim
not to come to coach us. Hmmm...
He then asked us if we went to Hong Kong.
Anna did. so Mr Tan was like...
"Anna! Go home immediately! Hong Kong have
been announced to be infected with H1N1. Go home
every one was laughing.

So... Juniper "coached" us the "Choral Florish"
and then after she thought we sang OKAY, she let
us off for LUNCHY! Chomchom Time!

Went to Cheers to buy a cup noodle and a packet
of crunchy sunflower seeds.

Accidentally took the wrong packet of cup noodle.
I wanted to take the "Chicken Ablone" flavour,
but took the "Chicken Curry" flavoured one instead.
Cuz the packet colour is both brown mah!
But was nice! It was not very spicy as Elizabeth
thought it was. YuMyuM!

After lunch, Juniper "lectured" us about our attitude
towards Choir and Mrs Lim.
She TALKED NON-STOP for like 1hr 10min.
SIAO! I can't do that even if I drank water in between!

After that, we sang "You raise me up"
Then, Juniper said that we dunno how to BREATHE
properly. SO ...

She asked the sec3s to come out to demonstrate.
And then called the sec1s out to be "corrected"
Luckily, I did well. Well, I think I did OK.
Juniper told us to breathe in then sing a note.
Evangeline told me to open my mouth bigger.
so she asked me to look at Eliz.'s mouth. we laughed.

then we were told to face the mirror, put 3 fingers
into our mouth and sing.
My JAWS hurt!

haha.then the sec 2s turn.
quite funny though. something disgusting too.
we laughed.
Alicia then said that it was the first time she saw
Grace SMILE today. OH! isit??

hehe. had luncheon meat and porridge for dinner.
I cooked the meat myself! YAY!
3 cheers for MEme!