Spring cleaning!

Here's a list of people cleaning
the classroom:

♥An Qi
♥Xin Yao
♥Loo Sin

Look at the number of people
doing the Spring Cleaning when
there is SUPPOSED to have 20
people doing it.
Know why?
Those who didn't come went
to the Leadership Camp.
Some kind of leaders are
Cannot even complete a
simple task such as bring
their house T-shirts!

And guess what?
they went to buy a new 1.

-.-'' right?

*shakes head.

Ok. Back to Spring Cleaning!
I should say that it was tiring
but FUN!
I cleaned the white board
as I was the tallest and biggest
among the ... let's see... 7
7? OMG!
fine, back to spring cleaning.
As Mr yip was somewhere over
the rainbow...
Mr Wong came to "supervise"

I also mopped the floor as
most of them dunno how to
Wubin was disgusted when
I used my hands to wring the
mop dry. I was like, huh? u nvr
see or do this before meh?
-.-" lol

Garfield said I looked nice
with my hair combed up in
a "bun". hehes.
Oh! that's good!