Today, after Choir, went home with
Chi Sin. Talked about the two new
songs we are singing.

Recap of Our Conversation:
C. S. : Sop 1 and A1 sing together very
nice. Eh no. It should be Sop 2 and A1.
Me: Isit? I didn't realise that.
(*sighs) I like the Sop1's the song the tune.
Very Nice lorh! Not Like A2's. So low and
... Aiya! dunno how to describe lah!

Just then, ... ...
"Yong Fong !" SOMEONE SAID this in my
I practically jumped.
I think I recognised the voice.
I turned around and saw the culprit.
Winny<<< CULPRIT!!!
Then I talked back(loudly)
Aiyo~! 你要吓死人啊!
She didn't say anything.

I turned around and looked at Chi Sin, ANNOYED.
"You were facing this side right?
RIGHT? You could have told me that!
How and why did you not tell me!
I must have looked STUPID in front of my
senior! ARGGhhh!"

"Because, she was going to scare you
and I didn't dare 'hint' you lah!"

I pushed her head.

and shook my head...