SYF is finally over!! ♥

YAY! SYF is now over.
We got a Silver and most my seniors
are not happy with it. Why? Don't ask me why
cuz I don't know the reason why.
Now I can start worrying for my MYE!
I really can't do Lit. I just don't like the TEQAs
they are simply horrible!
I love science♥ I♥it!!
I like science cuz it just needs to be memorised.
It's easy. really.♥

Okay this post is getting boring...
I shall sing a song.
I watch the white horses race over the sound...
With manes streaming back as they gallop and bound...
Across the blue pastures of wild summer sea,
the waves rise and deep as they toss playfully...
HaHa enough for now. BB ♥