*sigh* I think I should tell myself these:
1.Cheer up
2.Stay positive
3.Hope for the best
These are the only things I can do now...

Finally, 1 has passed...

Hi people !
Sry hor.
My bloggy dead for sometime...
Today, I had English Paper 1 & 2
*sigh*... die liao...
For paper 2,
I only read the instructions after I did
11 qns. Noe what, we were supposed to
leave a line after every a & b. AND I DIDN'T!
Had to redo it -.-" Ggrrrrr (irritated again).
And that wasn't the end of the story.
After I finished my paper,
I read the instructions (dunno why)
EeeeK! We need to leave 3 LINEs after every
WHOLE Qns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I looked at the class clock...
5 more min! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I wanted to scream but did not dare to.
-.-" STUPID ME!!!


may be my last post before MYE...

:) Today, went home with Jing Wen, Chi Sin
and her "gang"... In the MRT, me and Jing Wen
were feeling "left out" as Chi Sin and her classmates
were conversing happily... sigh... the people are "heartless"

Okay, BB c all of u after MYE... :)


MUST wish me G-luck Okay?

*sigh*... I am going to fail...

We were supposed to hand in 10 newspaper articles.
It's graded...
And guess what? I handed in 3 only... :(
I am going to fail... but I am NOT going to care.

I am just so tired now...


*yawn* so lethargic now...

What to do now?
Other than playing computer games
and reading books?

GRrrrr... whenI am annoyed or irritated,
I always "turn into a TIGER"... ROAR?

Aha! I shall sing white horses again.
Let's sing it together... 123 GO!

I watch the white horses race over the sound...
With manes streaming back as they gallop and bound...
Across the blue pastures of wild summer sea,
the waves rise and deep as they toss playfuly...
The surf foams about as they ride it out well ...
They watch the an-chored boats as sway in the swell...
And swing on their morning ropes,
straining and taut.
These steeds have no reins, they've
never been caught...
The wind whips the spray from their lacy
white crests...
While billows roll under, the sea that never rests...
They kick up their heels in their high sprit and prance...
and laugh at the boats as they join in the dance...
gallop and gallop gallop and gallop and gallop... ...
The wind is their master, he musters and drives...
His team of white horses race for their lives...
For when the wind dies, they cease to exists...
and all the brave horses disolve in the mist...
IN THE MIST...............................................
.♥.FINE.♥. (if u dunno how to read this word...
it's read as fin- na-lay) hehe.. :)

enough alr. LOL :p

Poof! Just wish her well...

YAY! Happy today!
No PE today as the teacher is
on medical leave.

Phew! ...
Just wish her a "get well soon"
LOL :)


I am just so happy♥ & glad♥...

I've finally completed my phrase book!
I wrote 293 phrases in it.
Oh, I am so proud of myself.
At least this sucess made me happy today.

This is just soooo... GREAT!!♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HAPPY ME!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ LUCKY ME!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I feel so great now.
I do not need a counsellor anymore!
Me : (say BB to cousellor)

cry my heart out...

... ... I don't noe what to say, but I am very
sad now(again). It's not because of my sis,
it's just because of myself, my idiotic, blur
self. I've lost my E-zlink card(again). I really
need a counsellor now. But who? I am wetting
my computer keyboard and maybe I'll spoil
them if I continue to cry somemore...

HoW & WhaT am I supposed do?
Someone help... ... ... ...

I just hate her so ...

I feel like crying now.
Don't ask me why.
I just feel like crying,
after arguing with my sis.

She just makes me feel so sad.
I don't know how to phrase it,
I am just so unhappy now.

I need someone to counsel me.
I just can't think of who.

All I know now is that I am
SAD :(

... it's never too late ...

4 more days to MYE.
Wish me G-Luck!


The days have passed so quickly...

OMG!!! 5 more days to MYE.
I'll have to study like mad now!
My teacher was right,
1st blink- 1 more month
2nd blink- 3 more weeks
3rd blink- 2 more weeks
4th blink- 1 last week
5th blink- 5 MORE DAYS!!!

Time really flies!!


I am happy!
I have just made a nice Cbox. ♥it!

Here are some rules when tagging:
Please do not spam my cutie.
Please do not write vulgarities.
Please do not nickname urself unless I noe it(ur nickname).
Please do write smth.
At least put this :) there

♥Thank u for ur kind attention reading the above.♥
♥(Like I've said, "if not close this webpage" )♥

SYF is finally over!! ♥

YAY! SYF is now over.
We got a Silver and most my seniors
are not happy with it. Why? Don't ask me why
cuz I don't know the reason why.
Now I can start worrying for my MYE!
I really can't do Lit. I just don't like the TEQAs
they are simply horrible!
I love science♥ I♥it!!
I like science cuz it just needs to be memorised.
It's easy. really.♥

Okay this post is getting boring...
I shall sing a song.
I watch the white horses race over the sound...
With manes streaming back as they gallop and bound...
Across the blue pastures of wild summer sea,
the waves rise and deep as they toss playfully...
HaHa enough for now. BB ♥

Haha jus happy to have made a new blog

:P. LOL. -.-"
HAHA.. :)